Ombersley Remembers

the World War 1 Home Front

A look at life in Ombersley during the war years

Our projects below are the Blue Plaque Walk, the Blue Plaque Cycle Ride and Voices of the Village. Click on each of the links to learn more. On the right is an interview conducted with BBC Hereford & Worcester publicising the projects (length 6 mins 6 secs).

BBC Hereford & Worcester Interview

Blue Plaque Walk

A heritage walk around the village to discover who lived in the houses during the First World War. Put your shoes on and grab a leaflet …

Blue Plaque Cycle Ride

The cycle ride takes you further afield to visit and investigate properties outside the village. Pump up those tyres and get peddling …

Voices of the Village

Listen to interviews with Ombersley residents and hear their memories of life in the village during the war.