Voices of the Village Project

Our third project involves some interesting interviews recorded with residents of Ombersley. They have fascinating memories of the village at the time of the war. You can click on the audio recordings to listen to them.

Arthur Turner

Recorded in 2018 : Arthur is 80 years old and has lived in Ombersley all his life, save for 10 months when he first got married and he had to live in Worcester. Arthur’s grand parents operated the ferry at Holt. Pay attention to keep up with all the family moves!

David Knight

Recorded in 2018 : David has lived all of his life in Ombersley, currently at Conygree Villas where he’s been for the last 45 years. His mother was born at Hadley Cross Cottage and later moved to a house at Oldfield. David’s father was a steam roller driver working for Bromsgrove Council.

Ron Turford

Recorded in 2018 : Ron was born and bred in Ombersley as were his parents; both his mum and her mum both worked in service at Wellington House. His grandfather brought the first car from London for Lord of the manor at Ombersley Court, as well as working there.

Joyce Hickton

Recorded in 2018 : Joyce is 89 years old and her mother, Mary Stokes, went to work at Ombersley Court at the age of 12 as a kitchen maid. Joyce currently lives in Belbroughton. There are 6 audio files from Joyce. Start with track 1 and listen to each in number order to hear her fascinating account of life as a servant around the time of the First World War.